Casey Withers

High Impact Head Shots

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Eye catching, attention grabbing, headshots.

Designed to grab and hold your prospective viewers attention. People are bombarded with content daily, make sure your head shots are the ones that get noticed. This option is ideal for clients that are interested in updating their work or for first time clients who may be overwhelmed at the idea of doing a half day photo shoot. Our customized and tested process allows us to be here for you step by step from scheduling to planning all the way through the conclusion of your photo shoot and delivery of your final images. We want the same thing you want, bad ass pictures! With that in mind, we apply our knowledge and over 10 years experience to guide you through our processes to get you images that you love and deserve.

We estimate about 1 hour of on set/location time at one location.
We encourage you to bring 2 outfits.
We will use our expertise to determine multiple backdrops, lighting, and compositions to create a wide variety of very high quality sample images.
You will receive your proof images within 24 hours so you can begin selecting your favorite images right away.
There will be 2 final retouched/edited images included in this package.
Your total package investment will be $250